Workplace of the Future


Ever wondered what our offices might look like in a few years time?

Metropolis Magazine held their 2nd annual design competition “Workplace of the Future 2.0″, and the winners were announced as Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson, they said they “wanted to provoke new debate and philosophies for workplaces of the future.”

Their submission, Organic Grid+, flipped the basic open-office layout on its head by putting the employee’s well-being at the forefront, while also addressing ergonomics and sustainability in one concise plan.


“In our minds, workers are the heart of most businesses and should be treated as such,” says Cassidy. “If we spend one-third of our lives at work, then we should create a greater cohesive relationship between the employee and the workspace.”

Organic Grid+ strikes that balance by allowing employees to customize all walls, desks, and meeting rooms to best suit their needs. Existing offices can constantly be adapted and readapted with ease, eliminating the high costs associated with demolition or gut renovation. But Cassidy and Wilson’s scheme goes beyond mere aesthetics and function. The project also incorporates a number of “health-conscious plug-ins,” which the young designers claim could potentially reduce the number of sick days employees use, in addition to making the office a pleasurable place that workers want to be in.

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