Top 10 Office Furniture Suppliers in the UK & Europe

Top 10 Office Furniture Suppliers

Office Furniture Suppliers available with Innov8 Interior Office designs

An inspirational office space makes for inspired staff. Here’s a look at 10 of the best suppliers of office furniture out there right now…


Forma5 specialises in offering office furniture and uniquely designed desks and accessories for use in large open public spaces. They utilise technological innovation and incorporate high-end design ideas to create products that are elegant and practical.


Haworth takes office supplies and turns this potentially unexciting sector into a lifestyle market. Their designs are unique, and highly attractive for the office worker that wants to outfit their space with a contemporary style. From storage solutions to workspaces, seating, walls, tables and more, they offer everything in fashion forward designs.


Newform offers everything a person could need for their office space, from meeting and conference tables, to executive desks, to office chairs and seating. Additionally, larger companies will appreciate their interiors that instantly create impressive public office spaces.

Claremont Centre

Claremont Centre offers a wide variety of office space solutions so that an area can be quickly outfitted. They promise a huge inventory and quick delivery with solutions for bench workspaces, framework, and fast track workspaces. In addition, they also offer storage solutions and office accessories.


Rackline is the leading storage provider with many different storage solutions for every type of business. Cabinets, shelving racks, display shelves, and more are all available via their website or their commercial partners.


Triumph targets the modern and sleek office supply market, with sharp office designs and products that incorporate colour and style in their approach. They offer entire office outfits, and individual office supplies and furniture to meet every office need.

Buzzi Space

Buzzi Space is all about creating office space wherever you want it, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. While they offer some indoor office products, their focus without a doubt is on their outside range, designed to create an office just about anywhere.


Okamura offers premier luxury office furniture and accessories which could be described as the Lexus of the business world. Their products combine cutting edge technology with sleek design to create impressive pieces.


Sixteen3 specialises in offering upholstered furniture to office spaces to help create a more homey and comfortable atmosphere. Their products are made of high-quality materials, and are bright and bold to help enliven the typical image of a workspace.


Citterio is the leading pioneer of what is called the ‘inter-wall,’ a product that is usually referred to as a wall partition. They are the leader in the office wall sector in Europe and continue to make lightweight, attractive, and effective partitions.