Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter 2016/17

Office Colour Trends

Office Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter 2016/17

The autumn/winter season is now officially here, and those with an eye for interior design are ready to set the new tone. The good news for you is that you won’t have to switch out colours in your office completely, because many of the spring/summer soft hues will carry over to the calm of autumn/winter. Despite this fact, there are six new colours entering the Pantone universe, which you can prepare to make some new purchases to celebrate these new office colour trends.


One of the top choices of the winter is going to involve comforting blue shades. This is because people like the calm and reassurance that comes with bluish colours, but just because the colours are subdued does not mean that they are not fun. For instance, one shade of blue called Riverside is quite uplifting, and allows you to feel cool and calm while the light airy blue conveys a sense of bubbly confidence.

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You can have even more fun if you pair one of these shades of blue against another top colour of the autumn/winter line, like the new, raging Aurora Red.

This shade of red almost looks like burnt autumn leaves, and it is such a natural accent for any room that needs a bit more vibrancy added to the mix. This colour would look great in paintings, or teamed with Riverside.

Another shade poised for the autumn is a more vibrant red that remains elegant and classic. The strong red can be toned down a bit for this season (and those not as bold) with heather grey accents, but people with a bit more flair might want to try to pair the red with citrus tart colours. The end result can be a very bold interior design statement.


Speaking of subdued, those who like sleek but quiet style will want to check out the warm taupe colour scheme that will be the neutral of the year. It looks great as a main colour against rich browns, and any other creamy shade that would naturally sit on an eye-shadow palette. Espresso brown will also be a favoured neutral that can be paired against taupe for a quiet room such as a study or an office


Of course, autumn would not be autumn without some green, and that’s where the deep, vibrant Lush Meadow shade enters the picture. This hue is very rich, with just a hint of teal, making it a deep and luscious colour that will instantly bring calm to anyone who enters the room – and falls into a plush accent chair!

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