Innov8 Does Christmas


“We love Belfast. We believe that every person in our city has the potential to be a success story. We want to help their story come to life by responding to their needs with compassion.”

Every year Christmas comes around and we celebrate with generosity and love, often showering our friends and family with gifts in representation of this! Innov8 are no different, and part of our philosophy is that all of our clients are treated with generosity and extra-mile excellence, no matter the size!

This year, as part of our Christmas celebration, Innov8 have partnered up with Compassion Belfast, and in particular, their Christmas Hamper Appeal. The Christmas Hamper Appeal is a vital life line to Belfast’s most unfortunate families, where children, who would wake up on Christmas morning and have no gifts, are given gifts through the generosity of local people. And families who would struggle to get together a regular meal on Christmas are provided a Hamper full of Christmas food and treats!

It may sound trivial, but, at a time of year where so much effort is put into showing the people in our lives that they matter to us, a simple gift or hamper might show a family, a parent, a child, that they matter to someone!

So why not join us on Friday the 11th of December, between 10am and 4pm, for some Mince Pies, Mulled Wine and Festive Treats, to help us raise money towards Compassion Belfast’s Hamper Appeal?

Compassion Belfast Leaflet


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