Chairs, Chairs, Chairs! What you need to know!

So you are looking at getting some new chairs in your office, but you have no idea what the difference between the thousands of options there are!


So what do you need to know?

Mesh or Upholstered

Mesh chairs have been around for a while now, and the proven benefits of Mesh for posture and general well-being are well documented, however, mesh isn’t for everyone.

The benefits of mesh are; its supportive – it moulds to your back, its breathable, a good mesh will last long

The benefits of upholstery are; its durable, its easier to maintain, it’s easy to recover.

When looking at these two options, its important to note who will be using the chair, if it is in an environment where it will be used by different people throughout a week, like a school or college, upholstery may be the best option. If it’s a general workplace with one person using the chair indefinitely, mesh is by far the best option.

What’s with all these mechanisms?

The mechanism of the chair is what gives it its movement. Often, a chair with the most movement will have a bulkier mechanism. Studies have shown that having a chair in free-flow, and in constant contact with your back is more beneficial than locking a chair into a fixed position. If you need a uniform chair that will suit all staff members without having to differentiate, a seat slide mechanism is important, that way someone at 5’’ will be able to enjoy the same chair as someone at 6”6’! Paying a bit more for a well-engineered mechanism will sometime give you all of the features you need, without weighing the chair down substantially!

Living in a material world

The material of the chair is important for many reasons, both aesthetically and functionally. While the classic black fabric can protect against visible stains, a bright colour in a textured fabric can bring life to an office, where historically colour was denied. Different materials have different properties, for example, a wool fabric like Camira’s Blazer will soften with time and wear, making it perfect for breakout areas and softer zones. While their Intervene antimicrobial fabric is stain repellent and waterproof, making it perfect for medical areas.

What’s the ‘arm in that?

A minor detail to some, but oh so important. When you are sat at your desk, a lot of your weight is distributed through your arms, and without a good arm rest, you will be adding more strain to your back! An adjustable arm that can be moved up to meet your sitting position will relieve a lot of pressure from your upper back region.


This short list is just some of the things you need to think about when choosing a new chair. For more information on how we can help make this process easier, give us a call on +44 (0) 28 9023 8180!