Branding your office space

branding your office space

Branding Your Office Space in 2017 : Designing Your Image

Most people get excited about designing their office space, and they should. Creating an office that reflects your company is a big step, but it is vital to make sure that your office really does brand your image. It can be tempting to get so caught up in design that you forget that those visiting your office will be checking out more than just your modern and trendy taste! They will be looking at your office and using it to judge if you are the type of company they want to work with, so you need to make sure that you design accordingly.

First Impressions

For most clients, an office is a place that a first impression is made. Since they will see your office before they sit down to actually talk with you, the office space and its overall design is actually the creator of that first impression, from which all of your clients will form their opinions. They could have their mind made up about your brand before you say a word, and if that impression is not positive, then you will be fighting an uphill battle throughout your meetings without even realising it. Therefore, you need to even up the stakes and make your pitch more effective – by properly branding your office from the start.

Tell a story

Your work space is a great way to tell the story of what your brand is about. For instance, Google offices are simple, trendy and clean, just like the brand itself. The inside areas at Google are open, with subtly designed white furniture and plenty of airy space. They brand themselves as the simple choice, and they have created office space that conveys this. You could almost guess you were in their building even if you did not know beforehand.

Your aim should be to create the same type of brand presence in your office. You can use images and your walls to help build this effect. Pictures of your brand as it evolves, or creative pictures of projects you worked on in the past, are great ways to tell a story and build confidence in your brand at the same time. If your company has a unique back story, share that on the walls of your building, and any other stories that may interest visitors. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s a great way to tell the story of your brand – in the way you’d like it to be told.

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