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Activity Based Working Offices

What is Activity Based Working?

Activity Based Working explained


For a number of years now we have seen the workplace transform from a sedentary, hierarchy based workplace, to a more dynamic and transparent environment. The absence of cellular offices brought in a wave of employers trying to fill a space with as many open-plan workstations as possible.

To combat the overcrowded office space, some employers have turned to flexible working, where workstations are shared by two or more employees. This has been evolved further, and its new incarnation is known as Activity Based Working.


Activity Based Working is a conceptual idea where workstations are communal, and the entire working area is viewed as usable space. At the core of this principle are values like flexibility, transparency, team work and efficiency. Activity Based Working is a principle that looks ahead, integrating the latest technology into the space and planning for a new generation of staff. Organisations design their space in a way that they are focused on support the tasks that need to be carried out in space. For example, areas with few desks but with sofas and writable walls for collaborating, silent areas with sectioned off desks for concentrated work, designated telephone areas and various meeting areas.


By providing a variety of environments, the employee gains more freedom in the workplace, determining how and where they will work that day, based on the task at hand. Fully integrated technology in these areas make working together, even at distance, more accessible.


Advantages of Activity Based Working are;

  • Increased productivity
  • A less sedentary work place
  • Collaboration and creativity increase
  • Team work and cooperation increase
  • Mobile environment
  • Cost saving through fewer workspaces
  • Staff retention and recruitment increase


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