5 Simple Ways To Make Your Office More Fun



Long day ahead? Lots of paper work? Detached co-workers? Or just feeling a bit blahh?

We at Innov8 Office Interiors have decided to share 5 simple, yet effective ways to make your office a little more fun, productive and inspiring!  ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work‘ – Aristotle


  1. Make your office feel like home, or more inviting & comfortable.

When you spend such a significant amount of time in one space, it’s important that it’s a place where not only business occurs, but where friendships develop, ideas happen, and enjoyment is had. Coming to work shouldn’t be a daunting task, life’s too short. Make your office space a welcoming and pleasant place to be.

Have comfortable seats, relaxing break areas, books for reading at lunchtime.

Encourage photos of family and friends on staff desks, have a safe place for personal belongings, fresh cold water and healthy food available. It’s the simple things that make an office feel homelier and more comfortable.


  1. Change Up The Scenery

Hold a meeting outside, in the park. Have lunch outside on a sunny day. Take a walk or send your staff to lunch in a nice cafe. Finish early on Fridays, have a BBQ or go for drinks in a beer garden. Encourage staff to go out for meetings with clients, rather than always hosting meetings in the office. A change of scenery will bring a change of attitude. It’s hard not to feel good after having fresh air fill your lungs and the warm sun on your face, plus getting away from your desk and screen always relaxes the mind.


  1. Celebrate The Wins

Celebrate the victories, accomplishments and the milestones.

Never let a team member’s birthday, work anniversary or personal accomplishments go unnoticed. These are special occasions, and showing that you care about your staff goes along way in promoting positive vibes inside and outside your company. It’s should be taken as one more opportunity to remind people why they love working at your company.


  1. Sports Event Fun

Nothing brings people together quite like sports & hobbies.

Even those who do not follow specific sports or teams can participate in the fun.

  • Fantasy football, Last Man Standing competitions, sweepstakes for sporting tournaments, 15-minute breaks to watch the annual Gold Cup horse race or Usain bolt winning the 100 metres. Betting money doesn’t have to be involved, but offering downtime, prizes & incentives based on sporting results can be notable way to encourage friendly competition, office banter and employee comradeship.


  1. Pump Up Meetings

Hold a meeting every morning before the day’s work commences, even get your staff in 5 or 10 minutes early. Gather everyone together in a relaxing part of the office (Maybe have a funky office space specifically for your pump up meetings) Bean bags and comfy sofas would be recommended.

Create two teams, and quite simply, play a game – Charades, Hangman, Pictionary.

Have a bit of fun, have a prize for the winning team and a fun forfeit for the losing team. 5 star jumps, sing a song, wear a funny hat for 30 minutes, something that’s fun and enjoyable.

Create laughter and waken up your staff. At the end of the pump up meeting give a quick motivational or information talk about the day ahead and off we go – Into the day, wide awake! Morning moods & tiredness will soon be a thing of the past.



Thanks for reading, if you would like some further help or guidance on implementing some positive office changes into your company, please feel to contact the Innov8 team. At Innov8 we deliver complete interior design packages, unique and bespoke office furniture, and can turn any office space into something you can be truly proud to share with your clients and employees alike.